Celebrating New Year’s Eve In Brazil

Welcoming in the New Year is a worldwide tradition celebrated across every country on the globe. Every country has its own unique approach to New Year’s Eve though, and Brazil is certainly no different. From the food and fireworks to the clothing and spiritual traditions, celebrating New Year’s Eve in Brazil is truly an experience like no other!

A beach celebration

New Year’s Eve is a summer holiday in South America, and Brazilians take advantage of the warm weather by filling the beaches to welcome in the New Year. In Rio de Janeiro alone you’ll find nearly four million people gathered to eat, drink and watch fireworks as they celebrate Réveillon.


While you’re on the beach, don’t forget to jump seven waves. This tradition comes from the Afro-Brazilian Umbandareligion and was originally a way to celebrate and honor Iemanjá, the goddess of the sea.


As the tradition goes, you’ll grow the strength to overcome obstacles that arise in the following year with every wave you jump. When you’ve finished your seven jumps, don’t turn your back to the sea just yet. Instead, wait until your feet are out of the water or risk bringing bad luck on yourself.

Clothing matters

If you plan on spending New Year’s Eve in Brazil be sure you pack white clothing. Rooted in traditional Candombléreligious beliefs, Brazilians often choose to wear white as a way to welcome spiritual protection and peace in the coming year.


Peace is not the only thing you want out of life though. To balance out your other wishes for the New Year, throw in a pair of colored underwear! Here’s what color you should choose based on what you’re hoping to attract in the New Year:


  • Black for independence
  • Blue for friendship and serenity
  • Green for hope and good health
  • Orange for creativity
  • Pink for love and romance
  • Purple for spiritual connection
  • Silver for innovation
  • White for harmony and peace

Lucky lentils

Brazilians believe that lentils bring lots of luck and positive energy to the individuals eating them. This means that even though lentils are not exactly a staple in Brazilian cuisine, it makes them the perfect New Year’s Eve food.


Like with every tradition there are rules though. Eat your lentils somewhere high, such as on a table, stairs or a ladder. After that, take seven bites and enjoy your luck in the New Year.

A festival of fireworks

If fireworks are your favorite part of New Year’s Eve then you are in for a treat! Like many other countries, Brazil celebrates the calendar flipping over by holding fireworks shows. Like most other celebrations, you’ll also find these shows of light on the beach.


The mix of traditional and new celebrations helps create a magical and unique atmosphere, making celebrating New Year’s Eve in Brazil a truly one-of-a-kind experience.