The Brazilian Cocktails You Don’t Want To Miss

Like many other aspects of Brazilian culinary culture, the cocktail selection in this country is both diverse and unique. There are many drinks that originated in Brazil that you may not have ever heard of or tried before, and you could be missing out. There are both well-loved favorites you may find in most restaurants to more obscure concoctions you may be more likely to enjoy at a small local bar or in a home. Make sure to add these Brazilian cocktails to your must-try list of drinks:

  • Caipirinha – This is seen as the national drink of Brazil, as it is the most well-known and beloved. Made with cachaça, a liquor produced using sugar cane, it may have originated as a remedy to the Spanish flu.
  • Caju amigo – This is a simple, relatively common cocktail made with cashew fruit juice and cachaça. The name literally means “friendly cashew.”
  • Aluá – This is a fermented fruit wine that has been enjoyed in Brazil for centuries. It’s homemade using pineapples, brown sugar, cloves, sugar and ginger. This drink takes only 24 hours to ferment, and it’s light and bubbly.
  • Bossa Nova – This strong cocktail is made with apricot brandy, dark rum, lime juice and pineapple juice. It is shaken and then strained into a glass with crushed ice.
  • Batida – This cocktail is perfect to enjoy on the beach, as it’s made with cachaça, sugar, tropical fruit juice and ice. The batida is blended and served frozen like a milkshake or smoothie.

These are only a few examples of the delicious cocktails you can find in bars and restaurants across Brazil. If you are traveling to this beautiful country, take the time to sample the interesting libations available in Brazil that you can’t find anywhere else. The unique cocktails and drink selections here are part of a culinary tradition you don’t want to miss.