The Music You May Hear In Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country with many wonderful cultural traditions, and their music is no exception. With roots going back centuries, many of the specific genres you may encounter when visiting this country have deep meaning for different groups of people. Before you travel, you may want to learn more about the musical traditions in Brazil so that you can recognize different types of music and appreciate them fully.

Music is a cornerstone in many different aspects of Brazilian life, from their many exciting festivals to their individual family homes. Some music types are unique to this country, while others are blends of different cultures that happened over decades or generations of cross-influence. Common music genres in Brazil include:

  • Axé – This is a blend of calypso, reggae, African and Caribbean music.
  • Samba – This originates in Africa, but it is synonymous with Brazilian dance culture.
  • Carioca funk – A popular dance music, this style grew from local neighborhood dance parties.
  • Choro – An upbeat musical genre with a strong African influence, this originated in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Bossa nova – This was popular in the 50’s and 60’s, implementing the piano, guitar and drums.
  • Música Popular Brasileira – This is Brazilian pop music that blends strong instrumentals with vocals.
  • Tropicália – Emerging after the Bossa Nova trend, this music was seen as a type of political statement.

These are only a few of the types of music you may hear while in restaurants, hotels, clubs or simply while walking down the street in Brazil. It is important to take the time to appreciate what you are hearing and recognize the thought and skill that each one requires. The distinct sights, sounds and flavors you may encounter while visiting this exciting country are only a few of the reasons why you will want to come see and experience these things for yourself.