Top Foods To Try On Your Trip To Brazil

Brazilian culture features a wide variety of influences from different types of people groups that have connections with this beautiful country. This diversity has resulted a food culture that includes dishes with influences from around the world, all while still remaining uniquely Brazilian. If you travel to Brazil, you do not want to miss out on trying different types of new and flavorful dishes.

The specific Brazilian dishes you may see on the table can vary based on the region you are in, the time of year it is and the background of local residents. For example, Brazil is heavily influenced by the Portuguese settlers that came to the country in the 16th century, but it also is home to over one million individuals with Japanese heritage.

This diversity, along with the abundance of delicious food naturally found in the country, has led to the creation of unique dishes you will enjoy trying. Some of these include:

  • Farofa, a dish made with bacon and flour and served with rice and beans
  • Moqueca de camarão, a stew made from fish or prawns, coconut oil, milk, and vegetables
  • Feijoada, a black bean stew made with pork and different types of vegetables
  • Pastel, pockets of pastry dough stuffed with cheese, meat, jam and more
  • Acarajé, a deep-fried fritter made with black-eye peas and onion
  • Pão de queijo, a bread made from cassava flour that is stuffed with cheese 

These are only a few examples of how Brazilian culinary culture has something to offer for virtually everyone. Of course, the best way to learn about the cuisine in Brazil is to try it for yourself. If going to Brazil isn’t possible, there are ways you can bring Brazilian food home to you. Either way, don’t miss out on trying these wonderful and unique dishes.