What Sports Can You Play In Brazil?

When you think of sports in Brazil, you probably think of soccer, or as it is known there, futebol. This sport is incredibly popular, and it is an important part of the culture in this country. However, it is not the only sport you may encounter while there. There are many different sports and games native to Brazil that are not only exciting forms of competition, but they may also offer you new insight into this interesting and diverse country. 

Many of the unique sports you find in Brazil originated there, and you may not find them in any other places in the world. In addition to soccer, some of the unique sports and types of games found throughout the country include the following:

  • Frescobol – This is a sport that was created in Rio de Janeiro, and it is a popular beach sport. Similar to tennis, it is played on the sand without a net or defined boundaries. The ball is made of soft rubber, and players use paddles to move the ball.
  • Peteca – This is a sport that originates from the Tupi, an indigenous tribe native to Brazil. It is similar to badminton, except the players use their hands instead of a racket.
  • Capoeira – This sport originates from the artistic expressions of slaves that once lived in Brazil, and it includes martial arts, dance and acrobatics. While the two players are in the ring, there is music played with African instruments.

These are only a few examples of the sports you could encounter as you are traveling in Brazil. The wide range of athletic opportunities and cultural traditions you may experience serve as a reminder of the diverse and varying cultures one may find in different areas of the country. Sports are a proud part of Brazilian culture, and you will want to make this an important part of your trip while you are visiting.