Family Value In Brazil

Family is a critical part of Brazilian culture, and this is the center of many of their traditions that you may encounter while visiting. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful country, understanding their focus on family values may help you appreciate on a deeper level the different aspects of the culture you will encounter. Brazilians are deeply rooted to their family ties, and this is the motivation behind many aspects of their lives, from their food traditions to how they spend their free time.

In Brazil, family values go much deeper than simply spending time with relatives and loved ones. Brazilians have a deep respect for their elders, and they tend to have strong connections with members of their extended families. Many Brazilian families take in their elderly loved ones so that they do not have to go into a nursing home. The family unit is seen as a support system, and Brazilian families tend to be large and close-knit. 

Because of this, many aspects of family life centers around meals eaten together in the home. While traditionally, Brazilian society was typically seen as patriarchal, many women now find roles outside of the home as a way to support their families. Each family is different and unique, but regardless of how they share responsibilities, you will be hard pressed to find any Brazilian that does not consider family to be the main and most important priority.

Because of the close family ties in this country, children often live close to their parents after they marry and begin to have their own kids. From a young age, children are expected to contribute to the home, helping around the house and doing chores. Despite a quickly modernizing culture, family remains the priority for most people, and it continues to be the center of many aspects of life in Brazil.